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Can Tyrod Save the Browns?

One thing is for sure...The Browns are trying to get him some immediate help.

Wild Card Round - Buffalo Bills v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

There have been a bunch trades heading up to the N.F.L. draft. The biggest question on the minds of Hokie fans has been pretty simple: Where will Tyrod Taylor be suiting up in 2018? Taylor was pretty damned serviceable in his tenure as the starting QB for the Buffalo Bills, but bringing him in as a game changer might be the exit pass for this record holding Hokie. The Browns are in one word, toxic. If you made a you tube video with the title of “disfunction”, the Browns would be social media famous. They have given the entire league a blueprint of what not to do.

There is a definite tier system when it comes to N.F.L. quarterbacks. There is Tom Brady, and maybe a couple more that deserve pay commiserate with results. I feel that Tyrod is most decidedly second tier (at best), but still undervalued based on past performance. Kirk Cousins had a better team than Taylor and will eventually buy his own island off some small pacific country. Taylor was never a threat to Big Ben, but he got to learn how to be a pro at the expense of Pittsburgh. When he was finally deemed ready for prime time, he had a screwball head coach who has become a cartoon.

The difference between the gigs isn’t as big as the records reflect. While Buffalo is somehow content with mediocrity, the Browns are trying to improve. Say what you will about Cleveland, at least they have recognized a fundamental problem they are trying to address. Taylor gives them a cushion, even if they draft a quarterback. The only caveat here is if Tyrod can’t stay healthy. If he gets hurt again, all bets are off.