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Mickey Mouse Loves Virginia Tech. Donald Duck, Not So Much...

A Virginia Tech insider makes the mouse throw the V.T. sign!

Photo Courtesy of Roy Hatfield

I love football. I love Virginia Tech. I also love Disney World. Those of you that vacation in the Gobbler Country know a few things about me. I love to travel, but more than anything, I love driving the six hours to Orlando to the happiest place on earth. I go there a few times a year, but this particular trip, I had a mission. My kids were in school, but I was in the use it or lose it phase of my benefits package. My girlfriend and I hastily booked passage, and were on our way.

I am not the typical Disney guest. It killed me that the Hokies were in Orlando during bowl season and had to miss it. The real world sneaks in like a line jumper without a fast pass, and I have to keep the lights on here at G.C.. It was so last minute, but we both love the dining and shopping Disney has to offer. We got three day passes for the parks and were eager to explore a child free Disney experience.

I’ve done Disney around 10 times. I’ve watched Disney YouTube videos, read countless blogs, done my personal research, and have come to one singular conclusion: Disney World is incredible, even better as a Hokie fan. I purposely wear Virginia Tech gear every day. I hear “Go Hokies” several times each day. The first on this visit occurred at the Hilton Resort at Disney Springs. The patriarch of this random family had a Virginia Tech Titleist golf hat on, and ran up to me like just spotted the main mouse himself. He vigorously shook my hand and stated, “Dude, so great to see a fellow Hokie in Orlando.” He took his hat off and looked at it, as if to make sure he was part of the club. I started talking to him about Virginia but the wife kept giving me the evil eye. Apparently they lived in New York now, and were happy to forget the time in “poor ole Blacksburg”. He left too soon for me, I could talk for hours, but there was a bigger goal in mind.

Keep in mind that I’m a Disney veteran. My side goal on this visit was to get a character to flash a V.T. sign. This sounds simple enough, but it cost me around a hundred bucks. Meeting characters in the parks are hit and miss, and I certainly won’t stand in a 60 minute cue for something that may not happen. Luckily, we had reservations at the Tusker House in Animal Kingdom the first day of the trip. It calls itself a “buffet with character”. Basically, this entails a table visit from all the main characters. Mickey came first and pointed at my Virginia Tech logo and immediately threw the sign. Goofy acted like he didn’t understand what the hell I was trying to say. Donald Duck outright refused. Oregon loyalty perhaps? All I know is that Mickey Mouse is a Hokie, Goofy is mildly retarded, and Donald Duck is a Pac12 sympathizer who literally lives in a fantasy world.