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We’re Not In Kansas Any More...

This is a strange odyssey of a transfer with an intent to distribute. Ryan Willis made money moves in spring ball. What does this do the QB depth chart?

Kansas v Baylor Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The spring “game” is fresh on many minds of Hokie fans everywhere. The number one trending topic (according to social) is the accent of one QB1 from Lawrence, Kansas. Ryan Willis afforded himself very well according to all reports. It was a typical spring game, but given the lackluster offensive production in the back half of 2017, the Hokie nation has an eye for the possible. Here is a primer on Ryan Willis:

1. He was a three star recruit out of high school according to

2. He was recruited by Tulsa, Kansas State, Wyoming, and Illinois. This fact is very telling. There weren’t a bunch of “great” offers right off the bat. That doesn’t mean that the kid is damaged goods, just that he grew into a formidable talent.

3. The oldest cliche is that the backup is better than the starter. Last time I checked, Tua Tagovailoa isn’t coming out of that tunnel.

The one resounding quote that made sense to me from all the noise was simple:

Justin Fuente got things done with “Beamer” guys, but where are we now?”

That is fair and valid, but let’s be honest: The QB1 pipeline at Virginia Tech is coming up with dust, and we need oil. The Hendon Hooker train left on Saturday, and we don’t have tickets. The fact that Hooker was taking third team reps speaks volumes. Just a friendly reminder: We open up in Tallahassee, and those ‘Noles have a history of making young QB1’s look like extras in WestWorld.