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It’s NFL Draft Week for Seven (or more) Virginia Tech Hokies

Gobbler Country launches its NFL Draft Week Coverage. We’ll start with a series of summaries featuring each potential draftee, and then finish up with a grand Wednesday evening finale where your humble staff puts up its best set of SWAGs as to whether and when each player will go. We’ll be covering live, as always starting on Thursday evening. GO HOKIES!!!

It’s NFL Draft Time and the Hokie Bird is Ready!
John Schneider - SB Nation

Okay Hokie Nation, it’s finally NFL Draft Week! We have four potential (with realistic chances) Hokies being considered for the draft:

Terrell Edmunds

The older smaller (not so small, I’ve stood next to him.) of the Edmunds brothers currently enrolled at Tech. He’s going to attract some serious attention at Safety, or Nickel Back.

Tremaine Edmunds

Tremaine is a “freak of nature” he’s huge, fast, alert, agile, and smart. He’s going to Texas to be on the show. If that doesn’t say where people think that he’s going, nothing will.

Brandon Facyson

Brandon might just be the smartest player on the team. He’s also punching serious academic credentials enough that he wants to be a surgeon. We’ll see if that dream is delayed or not.

Cam Phillips

Cam surpassed everyone at wide receiver at Tech. He’s got some game, and there is going to be some interest. There is no telling, though.

Tim Settle

BIG TIM! Does that say it? It usually does. When he goes is anyone’s guess but it’s going to be fun rooting for him.

Greg Stroman

Our “too skinny” four year star player who should get interest based on his performances, not on his leg diameter. We’ll take the 4 Touchdown punt returns, and 9 interceptions, thank you.

Wyatt Teller

Wyatt’s stock was a bit short this season. He played fine, but not at his 2016 level. We’ll see how the pros react to it.

So, in no particular order, starting tomorrow at 12:00 noon, and then again at 3:00, and 6:00 we are going to have a series of refresher, reminder articles on each of the players. There is a lot of information to consider, and we’ll take a look at some of the relevant sites.

In addition to the potential draft picks, there are three more players who might attract attention even if it’s an Undrafted Free Agent Contract invitation.

Eric Gallo, Joey Slye, and Andrew Motuapuaka still could get some looks from some pro teams. With new leagues forming there may be some interest there, too.

We certainly wish everyone well, and hope that each player finds some measure of notice and respect.