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Virginia Tech Hokies in the 2018 NFL Draft: Greg Stroman

Next up is Greg Stroman. He’s supposed to be too skinny. They kept saying that all the way through his shooting star career at Tech as he played all four years as a True Freshman through Senior. Greg Stroman is going to get a chance to prove he can play at the next level. How is going to be sorted out after Saturday.

Greg Stroman at Senior Day 2017
John Schneider - SB Nation

Greg Stroman was a recruited as a receiver/Athlete in 2014 from Stonewall Jackson High School in Manassas, VA. He was a sterling dual threat Quarterback at Stonewall, but was destined to play elsewhere in college. There was almost no doubt about his potential impact on the football field from day one. Stroman started as a Freshman, mostly on special teams as a returner (which he continued throughout his four seasons with the Hokies). His impact on the Offense was small to non-existent, but his Special Teams accomplishments pulled his #3 across the eye range of analyst after analyst.

He was so good at tackling and covering players on Special Teams that eventually the 2015 season ended with Stroman playing both returner and for #DBU as a Corner/Safety. He eventually ended up at Cornerback in the 2016 season as Coach Foster finally stabilized how he wanted to use Greg Stroman’s talents.

Stroman had a reputation as a ball hawk, with 9 total interceptions and one pick-six for his tenure at Tech. He also had 27 pass breakups, and 36 passes defended. He was a solid pass defender who had no fear of getting his jersey dirty. He is credited with 60 tackles over his career, even a couple for losses.

Where Stroman really shined is in punt returns. He had an impressive 8.7 yards averaged for 127 returns, that nets out to 1108 for his collegiate career. What are bound to attract pro attention are his four total returns for touchdowns, including two in the 2017 season.

His collegiate honors list is impressive:

  • 2017 All-ACC Honorable Mention (PR)
  • 2017 First-Team All-ACC (CB)
  • 2016 Second Team All-ACC (Coaches)
  • 2016 Third Team All-ACC (ACSMA)

Stroman’s draft potential was tested at the NFL combine. As always the beef with Stro is that he is “skinny” and not gaining any weight. Right, tell that to four years of people calling him too skinny to tackle and manage being durable. No one is going to short the ACC for receiver size and capabilities, and Stroman distinguished himself against them. Let’s see if there is some love for a skinny high school dual threat quarterback who ended his college career as a star Cornerback in one of the best defensive backfields in the NCAA.

Good Luck Greg! GO HOKIES!!!