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Gobbler Country 2018 NFL Draft Staff Predictions and Show Forum

It’s NFL Draft Weekend, and as promised we’ve got some coverage planned. First’ we’ve got predictions from some of the staff. As things keep going and writers can report in, we’ll update the article.

2018 NFL Draft
It’s Time for the 2018 NFL Draft!
Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

It’s NFL Draft Weekend, and tonight, we will probably see Tremaine Edumunds hugging Roger Goodell. When will that be? We’ve heard everything from as high as 7th to around 13th. We’ve seen Miami, Raiders, 49ers, ‘Skins… who else? I don’t know and really, neither does sports punditry. What is true about this draft is that we have the best shot at getting a noticeable number of Hokies selected for some sort of shot at the next level.

Before we go into the prediction section, please remember that nothing, at all, is guaranteed in the NFL and in particular in the treatment of rookie prospects. A player being drafted is first, no guarantee of a roster spot, and second, no promise of getting “paid”. Now the slight exception to those things happens in the first three rounds of selections. Very rarely do you see players selected in those rounds not show up on some sort of roster. After the 4th round (which is very iffy as to the amount of sticky in the deal) there is not much more status than being an undrafted free agent (UDFA). But it is special and there are some improved chances of making a team, it’s just not a plug in guarantee.

It’s going to be exciting for the players and their families. Jerry World is going to be rocking, the super duper jumbotrons will be blazing, and who knows maybe the New York Jets Fans that have come to Radio City Music Hall to boo Goodell will make the trip to Irving, TX to keep up the tradition. Heck, given the feelings between Jerry and Roger, Jones might send the corporate plane, and give them front row seats. ;-)

Anyway, here are the Gobbler Country Staff predictions for draft positions and possibilities. We aren’t speculating teams, that’s nearly impossible. We are just looking at what we think may happen between this evening and Saturday afternoon.

These are sort of in no particular order:

Terrell Edmunds


John: ‘Rell is the surprise sleeper of the draft for us. 2nd round to a decent team.

Josh: I think he’s rising just due to his athleticism and the fact that he fits the hybrid defender role the NFL craves. Late 2nd/early 3rd round.

Jawhar: I thought Terrell was a 4th round pick before his combine, where he tested very well in terms of his explosiveness and speed. Teams will like that he played slot corner, free safety, and a hybrid linebacker during his time here. He’ll go in the late 3rd and be a Top 100 pick.

Jay: (If he gets a chance to check in)

Roy: I think that third round might be a stretch. He is an athlete for sure, but a dime corner doesn’t typically go super early.

Tremaine Edmunds


John: Tremaine will go in the 1st round, top 10, and probably to a team that no body really cares much about. Unfortunately.

Josh: I would love him to fall to the Steelers or the Skins but I doubt that will happen. He is off the board by 11, I would guess.

Jawhar: Don’t think there is anything I can say that hasn’t been said in the hundreds of scouting reports you’ve already read about Tremaine. At 19 years old, he already has NFL size, strength, and speed. He will immediately become a valuable defensive chess piece with his insane closing speed and coverage ability. Will get drafted between No. 8 and No. 13, depending on who moves up for a quarterback.

Jay: (If he gets a chance to check in)

Roy: We all know he is a first rounder, I just have a problem taking a guy in the early first that may not necessarily be a four down player. If he gets the right role and system, Katie bar the door.

Brandon Facyson


John: Facyson may get some tickles and looks he might go in the 7th round, but he’s most likely to miss the draft and get an invite for an UDFA.

Josh: Potential 7th rounder but probably undrafted due to ball skill deficiencies and speed deficiencies.

Jawhar: Very smart and has the modern prototypical size NFL teams look for in a cornerback. However, he doesn’t find the ball in the air well enough consistently for my liking, which automatically hurts him. Plus he does not have the deep speed. But again, a team will look at his size and intangibles and think they can coach him up. 7th rounder or priority UDFA.

Jay: (If he gets a chance to check in)

Roy: He will be a UDFA, but that doesn’t mean we should forget his excellent contribution to the program.

Cam Phillips


John: Same as Facyson. 7th round at best and maybe a UDFA look.

Josh: Pretty much exactly what my Dad said. He isn’t a special teams guy, so...

Jawhar: I actually think Cam has a chance to stick on an NFL roster, but I have no idea where he gets drafted. Teams don’t typically look for slot receivers in the later rounds, opting to go for raw size and speed which they can coach up. The NFL is moving towards a short passing game that relies on quick receivers, and Cam has that in spades. I think he goes in the 6th or 7th round.

Jay: (If he gets a chance to check in)

Roy: He has a big heart, but that size tho... He will have to have an incredible free agent camp to make a team. Oh Canada?

Tim Settle


John: Rationally, I wouldn’t consider him for anything else but a practice squad gig. He’s too raw and his techniques are still too limited. I think that he’ll go in the 5th or 6th round, though.

Josh: Settle I think still could have benefited from time to stabilize himself, but he will probably get a look in the 5th to 7th round as the NFL is desperate for interior pass rush help.

Jawhar: Interior pass rushers have become a premium position, and Settle has a chance to get into an NFL weight room and become a one-gap disruptor. For this reason, Settle even got some first round buzz back in March.

Jay: (If he gets a chance to check in)

Roy: What could have been, what could have been. Tim Settle could have, and very well might be a veritable monster. I know pros like size, and boy does this kid have it. I wouldn’t be surprised is someone took a chance in the sixth round.

Greg Stroman


John: Stroman might get a 5th or 6th (most likely 6th or early 7th) round consideration. His collegiate record is still too good not to take a peak-a-boo at what he can do.

Josh: Stroman is probably too small at corners for anyone but zone defense teams, which limits demand. 6th-7th round at best.

Jawhar: Stroman has the potential, athleticism, and foot quickness to become a dime corner and maybe even blossom into a starting nickel. But dime corners are not drafted in the first 5 rounds. His return ability will help him get drafted in the 6th or 7th, but I would not be surprised if he is an UDFA.

Jay: (If he gets a chance to check in)

Roy: Special teams will be the key here. If Stroman Jr. can get a foothold in the return game and add a dime db, then I could see him sticking. I’m thinking 7th round at best, highlighted UDFA at worst.

Wyatt Teller


John: Teller really hurt himself with his problematic final season. He was much better than the scouts want to credit him for, but we aren’t doing this on what we think that he deserves, but what we think the pro scouts are going to consider. I think that he’s got a shot at 4th round, but will probably go in a forest of offensive linemen in the 5th or 6th rounds.

Josh: The NFL needs good offensive linemen. Teller is a good offensive lineman. Late 3rd to 5th round.

Jawhar: Teller will be a Day 3 pick in my opinion. He has the tools and heavy hands but needs a good amount of work on his overall technique. I’ll predict he goes in the 5th round.

Jay: (If he gets a chance to check in)

Roy: Teller will probably go no later than mid sixth, but I feel he has the biggest shot at a lengthy NFL career. His senior season was meh, but his physical stats are nice. If he gets a true shot, he might actually see the field next season.

----- Probably Not but UDFA is not out of the quesiton----

Andrew Motuapuaka


John: I would hope for a UDFA invite to give some team a try, especially for special teams work. I just don’t see a draft number in Andrew’s portfolio.

Josh: UDFA or CFL. He’s too short and not athletic enough to cover most slot guys at the professional level.

Jawhar: Lack of size and athletic tools that teams covet at MLB will result in a camp invite.

Jay: (If he gets a chance to check in)

Roy: His future may not be in the N.F.L., but watching him in Blacksburg was an absolute pleasure.

Eric Gallo


John: Virginia Tech’s first prime candidate for “Mr. Irrelevant”. Gallo could actually be a draft consideration. The NFL has serious offensive line problems, and Centers are hard to come by. UDFA to practice squad.

Josh: UDFA or NFL. Gallo still had snap inconsistencies as a senior and could get bullied inside.

Jawhar: I would be surprised if Gallo gets drafted for the reasons Josh mentioned. UDFA.

Jay: (If he gets a chance to check in)

Roy: I agree with John, there may be a fit, but I’m not just seeing it.

Joey Slye


John: You know, he could get drafted. It would be the 7th but it would amount to a guaranteed try-out. I still lean for someone giving him a chance with a UDFA contract to see if some coaching could add some accuracy to that cannon leg.

Josh: It’s hard for kickers to even be drafted, let alone kickers with accuracy issues in a league where the touchback is going to be standard in a few years when kickoffs are removed.

Jawhar: The Golden Rule of drafting: Never draft a kicker OR trade up to draft a kicker. If Slye was more accurate during his four year career he would assuredly get a chance to compete for a starting role as an UDFA. He should get a camp invite but will be a long shot to stick on a roster.

Jay: (If he gets a chance to check in)

Roy: Slye went from good, then bad, then you know the rest of the song. Kickers almost never get drafted early, save Janikowski, Nugent, and a couple other long timers. I seriously doubt Slye’s resume would stand up in an A.C.C. draft, let alone the league.

So that’s what we think. Chime in with the comments section. We’ll be updating it during the shows as events occur, and not necessarily tied to Tech players, either. This draft looks like it could be a weird and wild one so it could be the best TV all month!


It’s the Hokie Bird Wishing the Draft Class the Best!
John Schneider - SB NAtion

They are all Hokies an we wish them all the best!