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Brandon Facyson gets UDFA Contract with Chargers, Joey Slye try out for the Bucs

It looks like Brandon Facyson will be the last of the 2018 Hokie draft class to come off the board (there are always possibilities but for now, this is the last tweet from VT_Football. GO Brandon! GO HOKIES!!!

Brandon Facyson Lines up to cover late in the Pitt Game
John Schneider - SB Nation

The first Sunday morning news, from the after Draft cleanup is a bit of good news for both Brandon Facyson and Joey Slye.

The first news is that Brandon received an Undrafted Free Agent tryout offer from the San Diego oopsie Los Angeles Chargers. There isn’t a whole lot on the issue, but Facyson has a chance to make the team.

In other news, Joey Slye received an invitation to try out for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

There were a few kickers and punters drafted in the waning hours of the Draft, but those were proven serious point scorers. Joey will have to work to get further than a tryout, but when you are a kicker, even a team wanting to take a look at you in a mini camp tryout is a chance to make an impression. More that one team will be watching at that camp. Good Luck to Joey Slye. Take a notch off that booming leg, turn it into a hard thumper and you might lose that 2 degrees of right slice!

Joey Slye kicking a field goal at the 2016 Liberty Game
John Schneider - SB Nation

We’ll keep up with things as they progress. All in all this was a decently good draft for the Hokies. I thought there were some interesting moves, and some understandable deferrals as far as the money goes.

The run up through mini-camps and grind through preseason are going to be exciting for Virginia Tech fans.