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Virginia Tech Football: This is the downside of social media, and folks, it ain’t pretty...

Facebook pages, twitter rages, and all that’s unfit for print. The editor in exile weighs in:

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I was destroyed tonight. I was kicked out of a facebook page that supports the Virginia Tech Hokies. I’m really upset about it, and wanted to share it here. I never understood why I was “elected” an admin of the group, but I enjoyed the banter from fellow Hokies. This was a place of fellowship. After countless bannings, I kind of got to know the mission statement of this page.

“You better never say anything bad about Virginia Tech, or we will BAN YOU.”

Let me make one thing crystal clear: Gobbler Country WILL NEVER change our reporting to satiate this type of fan. There are uncomfortable things that we discuss, and that’s normal human discourse. Everyone has a differing opinion, and we love it. Keep it coming guys! The real G.C. fans understand that we are uninfluenced by hateful tweets or messages. Point is, I love our fan base and there are times where we need to ask questions. I understand everything is politicized, but if we can’t even talk, what the hell is the point?

Gobbler Country will continue to cover the teams without a blemished eye. If you are looking for the headline that the home team wins every time, maybe we aren’t your site. If you want the truth and opinion, we welcome you. We just can’t be associated with is a bully pulpit. Thank you facebook site “X”, but come on man...know your role. There are dozens of facebook sites that hang out on the fringe. Donny J. has made my portfolio fat. Barry O did great things as well. Last time I looked, neither has ties to Virginia Tech.

Don’t make football politics. Don’t make politics football. Don’t make everything absolute and beat Florida State!!!