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Hokies Lose Two Cornerbacks in One Week

The #LPD #DBU crew is down by two. It rhymes but it isn’t too funny. Adonis Alexander leaves the program which was not unexpected, but Jeremy Webb, the promising JUCO transfer gets a medical redshirt (which is not what the coaches wanted).

Adonis Alexander in the 2016 BC Game
John Schneider - SB Nation

No one said that Bud Foster was going to have it easy dealing with the depleted secondary in the 2018 season. We just lost too many talents to graduation or the NFL Draft. Now, bad news hits like a truck before June starts, and the Summer recruiting season heats up.

First, Adonis Alexander has left the program to try his luck in the NFL Supplemental draft. This is not completely unexpected by those of us covering the team for Alexander’s tenure on the squad. He’s had some off field issues that have been very disappointing, and resulted in stiff suspensions, but there is one off field performance that cannot be ignored, and that’s grades. Frankly, I expected him to go out for the draft along with all of the other 2017 squad, but it just took a bit longer.

He was really talented, and a thrilling player when he was focused and prepared. We wish him all of the best, and hope some team decides to take a chance on him.

On the other side of the bad news coin, our JUCO transfer Corner, Jeremy Webb looks like he’s going to get a medical redshirt instead of a depth chart number. From what the RT Insider is reporting, it looks like an Achilles injury that required surgery. That means a 2018 season rehabbing for Jeremy.

Like we said, Alexander’s news isn’t surprising, and even expected. Webb was supposed to fill Alexander’s shoes. Looks like the revers D to O to D grab of Caleb Farley is going to have been a big move.

Bud Foster has glued some really great defensive secondaries out of spit, bailing wire, and some old shredded newspaper. The loss of Galen Scott as an assistant hasn’t made his job easier, and the off season attrition rate continues to mount for the Hokies.

It’s going to be a long Summer.