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Tailgating Review : Picnic Time Portable Picnic Table

The first big road trip of the season is in sight! Gobbler Country is starting a new series of product reviews that will make you the hit of the tailgate! None of the products featured were free, and the reviews will be real. Let’s check out this nifty portable table!

My daughter plays tournament softball just about every weekend during the incredibly hot summers here in the deep south. You need all types of conveniences just to survive the weekend. I started amassing a pretty serious softball/tailgating package over the past two years that I hope to unveil in Tallahassee on Labor Day. We thought it would be interesting to offer reviews on some of the products, and offer you a chance for me to pay for your potential mistakes. None of the products reviewed were given for consideration. I will always include a purchase screen to validate this. Now, let’s look at the first item in the arsenal:

Picnic Time has produced a completely portable picnic table that can support 220 pounds on each of the four seats. I acquired the table via Amazon, and was excited to put it to use. The frame is made of aluminum alloy, for durability, and the top is made of ABS plastic. All together, it was a pretty solid feeling unit on my hardwood floors in my living room. It does include an umbrella hole in the middle, but I feel it would be risky to take advantage of that even on a mildly windy day. Unfolding the unit takes less than a minute, and here is a view of what the briefcase styled model transforms into:

Note the bars separating both benches. This is for stability, but the wide bottom crowd might feel crowded.

One major factor on this item is price. I caught a great deal on the unit, and snagged it up. At last look, it was retailing on Amazon for $120. For $120, I feel that the item does not present that great of a value. I got it on sale for this:

The price point really made me purchase this item. I’m a sucker for a sale. Now let’s get down to brass tacks on Picnic Time’s portable picnic table...

PROS: I did get a hell of a price on the item. It is completely self contained, with no extra attachments or complicated installation. It DOES feel sturdy on solid ground, I weight over 200, and it didn’t feel flimsy under my rear. It seems well engineered and looks cool. It is surprisingly light at around 20 pounds. The portability can’t be beat.

CONS: It seemed unsure of itself on uneven terrain. The branding is simply two large decals on a generic table. I tried placing my television on it, and I didn’t feel comfortable leaving it there on a pretty even outfield on my last outing. The table top seems to scuff pretty easily. It was an open seating area at the last tournament, and only kids chose to sit at it, while adults just viewed it as a table. At $120 currently, this unit has seriously over kicked its coverage. Wait for the sale, and snag one.

FINAL GRADE SYSTEM: For this, and future reviews, we have a 5 Hokie Stone scale. 5 is an absolute must have, and 1 is burn the item.

GRADE: I would give this table a respectable 2 12 Hokie Stones out of 5. It was decent value at a sale price, but full price seems to be asking too much. The inability to provide sturdy support on uneven ground is a huge issue for something most folks will use as a table.

Have a great Virginia Tech tail gate item? Contact us @gobblercountry , and if we may review it! See ya’ll in Tallahassee!