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Virginia Tech Hokies: Josh Jackson’s Academic Status Looks Resolved

Well, whatever sword was hanging over Josh Jackson’s head seems to have been removed. He’ll be operating in Fall camp, hopefully preparing better, and concentrating on winning the QB job. That’s still not a done deal. GO HOKIES!!!

Nervous warmups for the 2017 Clemson Game
John Schneider - SB Nation

According to sources, and more than a few articles and tweets, like this one from Andy Bitter over at the Roanoke Times, Josh Jackson has been spared in some way shape or form.

I know there will be a bunch of relieved folks, and I’d even lay some side pocket lint that there are more than a few people who would have rather not had to deal with him coming back. What I do know is that sort of unresolved issue (one way or the other) can brutalize a team and staff.

At least, now, young Mr. Jackson can win the starting QB job. That’s not a sure fire thing, if you have been listening to Coach Fuente, there is some body language and interpersonal communication that say Mr. Jackson needs to pay more attention to detail, study harder, and buckle down in order to maintain (or regain) any confidence in his abilities.

Everyone knows the fall off in production from last season. No one is really completely sure of why, especially as the O-Line got better and the newbe receivers improved. All that we have is rank speculation and fat grapes on the vine that may or may not be worth squeezing. There is no sense in going there, now.

So. The stage is set. We have new blood flowing in. We have some good talent about to hit the turf in the Beamer Barn, and we have a full slate of quarterbacks for the upcoming competition for the starting place on the depth chart.

That’s a much better place than where we were yesterday at this time.