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Nick Gallo Jumps Onboard #EnterNight19

Another Brother. Nick Gallo has committed to the Hokies, following older (graduated) brother Eric down to Blacksburg.

Virginia Tech v Ohio State

Okay, well, this wasn’t the article I was expecting to write tonight- and considering the crystal ball recently put in, it’s looking like that article might not happen. However, in a cause for celebration, this evening Nick Gallo, brother of former Hokie center Eric Gallo, decided to commit to the Hokies.

Gallo’s twitter presence is pretty sparse- mostly concerning a couple retweets of articles involving either him or his brother. In fact one of the few articles featuring him goes all the way back to before the season.

Despite having brothers playing for both the Maryland Terrapins and the Virginia Tech Hokies, Nick chose the Hokie roots and will be coming down from Pennsylvania to play in Blacksburg. Though I doubt he’s from three different cities (his hometown is listed as Southampton, Holland, and Newtown, PA by 247, Rivals, and ESPN respectively), Gallo is a solid mid-grade three star tight end prospect. ESPN has him as a 77 (18th TE, 11th PA, not rated nationally), 247 at an 87 (25th TE, 10th PA, 533rd nationally), and Rivals as a 5.7 (17th TE, 7th PA, not rated nationally). The Hokies beat out offers from Boston College, Maryland, Duke, Minnesota, North Carolina, Northwestern, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Vanderbilt, and Wake Forest.

Let’s go check the tape reel.

Nick Gallo (Southampton, PA. 6’-3.5”, 228lbs. Tight End)

Okay, I love this kid’s hands. He’s really natural at just catching the ball. He does a pretty solid job of hand catching and bringing it into his body quickly. He’s got some move and shift to him- he lines out at split end relatively frequently if his tape is any indication of his usage. Thankfully he did include some footage of his blocking ability and his willingness to go and do so, which is nice, but he still has to put on a good 10-20lbs to really be able to do that at the college level. Based on what I can see he was facing a lot of lesser competition- a lot of these kids look tiny compared to him. He’s not going to be able to bury 190-200lbs defensive ends in college simply because those don’t exist. He reminds me a bit of a bulkier Drake DeIuliis from the class of 2017.

Welcome back to Blacksburg, Nick. Nice to see that Hokie runs in the family.