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Jacoby Pinckney Picks the Hokies

Another one! The Hokies gain a commitment from South Carolina native Jacoby Pinckney, A wide receiver from Roebuck, South Carolina.

Virginia Tech v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

This one isn’t necessarily a surprise, ladies and gents, but that’s also partially because it’s been pretty quiet along the way. Crystal Balls for Pinckney just came in the day previous, mostly out of the way that the wind had blown since the start of his recruitment and due to the fact that no one obviously overtook the Hokies. But today, Jacoby Pinckney decided to make Blacksburg his home for the next few years.

Pinckney’s offer list might not be huge, but it does carry some top heavy weight. Virginia Tech beat Michigan, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, Florida, NC State, Duke, UNC, Oklahoma, and his homestate school South Carolina out for his commitment, among others. Pinckney is also another one of the classic Virginia Tech all-over-the-board commitments. He’s a wide receiver across the board, sure, but as far as the recruiting sites regard his talent, reactions are mixed. 247 has him as an 87 three-star, 9th in South Carolina, the 74th overall receiver, and the 556th player in the nation. Rivals has him as a 5.7 three-star, the 55th best receiver, unranked nationally, and the 4th best player in the state. However, ESPN has him as the 38th best wide receiver, the third best in the state of South Carolina, and the 251st player overall in the nation- enough to net him a four-star 81 rating. So mid-three star to low four-star recruit overall.

Pinckney has long been a recruiting target for the Hokies. He earned his offer all the way back in July of 2016- and Tech was the first school to offer. His main recruiters were James Shibest and Holmon Wiggins, and he’s pretty exclusively a wide receiver for this class. He’s also going to be attending the Opening, which is a big football camp where a lot of these players can show off their skills and gain a lot of publicity. Hopefully he does a lot of recruiting while he’s there.

Also, just as a side note, for being a rather-rare South Carolinian on a Virginia Tech roster, the Hokies already had a player from his high school on the roster years ago- Andrew Lanier, who played tackle and guard in the late 2000s and early 2010s for the Hokies. Last year the Hokies collected Eli Adams from South Carolina. Other Palmetto Hokies include Samuel Denmark (who spent spring on just the track team), Jonathan McLaughlin (by way of FUMA), Tyrell and Tariq Edwards, and Bruce Taylor.

Pinckney is the 12th commitment to the class of 2019, and the first dedicated wide receiver in what could be an oddly muddled mix of athletes.

Let’s take a look at the tape.

Jacoby Pinckney (Roebuck, SC. 6’-2”, 205lbs. Wide Receiver)

Look, if ALL we get out of Pinckney is a bigger version of Cam Phillips I think every Hokie would sign up for that. He’s not blazingly fast, but he’s pretty quick with good feet. I think his big attraction for this staff is that he’s big, has good hands, and will go up and get the ball on those fade routes they insist on throwing in one-on-one coverage. As far as I think that’s not going to ever get out of their system despite the fact that the fade is a terrible, terrible route, especially toward the end zone, but I digress into my intense, endless, burning hatred.

Either way, Pinckney is a valuable pickup. His route tree is average- granted, that’s better than many players that don’t HAVE ONE coming out of high school- but he does a good job with what he’s given of shaking coverage. I’m sure he could be useful for whatever quarterback is throwing him the ball in a couple years after a redshirt year (our WR corps is young, we can afford to do that).

Welcome to the Hokies, Jacoby. Keep the door open, there seems to be a line forming.