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Hokies QB Josh Jackson In Academic Hot Water

*** UPDATE *** Jackson not suspended indefinitely. We are hearing that he’s still got access to facilities. If the news about off field issues and losses hasn’t gotten bad enough, the news that Josh Jackson being suspended is a serious body blow. The speculation is thick, but the buzz is not humming in a good direction.

Divine Diablo runs on. Is he the 17 for 2018?
John Schneider - SB Nation

Now Andy Bitter is reporting out via Twitter that Jackson hasn’t been suspended and still has access to facilities. But there is an investigation going on. So, Stay Tuned this is getting frustratingly weird.

Look, there isn’t much to say on the particular situation that we can openly say just at the moment; but the buzz is not good. We will see how things shake out, but Virginia Tech is serious about certain things, and “academic issues” tend to be one of those “certain things”.

There will be an investigation and findings published very soon. Those certain parts of the Tech Academic culture tend to move very quickly. There is no sugar coating it, though. Short of some sort of positive report, Josh Jackson is unlikely to play football for Virginia Tech in 2018. Like we say, SHORT OF A POSITIVE report. We cannot comment further without more verified information on just what the academic issue is.

Realistically, Virginia Tech coaching and fans are going to potentially be challenged with a very difficult situation. This team is brutally young, and we are now staring at fielding a problematic Junior College Transfer (Willis), another Redshirt Freshman starting QB (Hooker), or a true Freshman (Patterson).

Currently Hokie Sports has made no official announcements so everyone needs to be a bit careful about any speculation. Josh Jackson is still listed on the official roster so we all should breathe just a little bit and wait for more official word.

Again, Hokie Nation will have to face the reality that The Fuente Era Rebuild Period could recycle from Year 3 to Year 1, with more than half of the players on the field sporting F’s and So’s in their Class columns.

We can only hope for the best. Again, the news is getting really confusing, and the Athletic Department has said exactly nothing to clear this up.