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Virginia Tech Football: Josh Jackson Will Not Define The 2018 Hokies

The media has chimed in. The fan pages have chimed in. Here is my take on what the Josh Jackson saga has taught us...

Virginia Tech v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

There is no script for this. The social media circus that has brought us everything, including quotes from the quarterback’s father, has given us no real information. Josh Jackson may never see the field for the Virginia Tech Hokies again. Josh Jackson may be suspended for two to six games. Josh Jackson may have been responsible for the second half of World War Two. Josh Jackson robbed the Easter Bunny, ran off with the candy, and is quietly amassing a bit currency portfolio the size of Texas. Breathe people. The facts aren’t always the facts. If anything in the current political climate should have taught you is this: There is fake news. There are agendas. We can’t report facts if there aren’t any.

The football staff, hell the university staff, will handle this as they always have. They will handle the situation with respect, honor, and dignity. It’s a private matter at this point. When it becomes public, we will tell you the truth.