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Former Hokie Kam Chancellor Hangs Up His BOOM!

Virginia Tech’s member of the Legion of Boom has finally retired. Kam Chancellor was a Safety who played like a middle linebacker. He was the quiet one in the Seattle Seahawk defensive secondary. We wish him all the best and hope to see him on the sidelines at Lane Stadium with all of the other old Hokies. On to the next thing Kam!

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Los Angeles Rams
Kam Chancellor Legion of Boom Retires.
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the football off season is more often than not, mundane, it doesn’t matter what level, either. The mid summer is often the time when the excitement of the season has faded, the strength and conditioning routine has become boring and predictably numbing. It’s the time when many football players wake up one morning over that cup of coffee, or kale smoothie or whatever else they might drink to start the day up, and they wonder why? Or How? Or even do I want to do this, again.

The Seattle Seahawks lost Kam Chancellor to injury last season, and now Kam has stared into that steaming hot cup o’ Joe. He listened to God, his doctors, and his body. I am glad that he did.

So we saw the Tweet go out at 6:53 PM, today. Kam Chancellor is retiring from football.

We love him here at Virginia Tech. He was an amazing football player. He was one of the players that put the #LPD and #DBU on the map. He had a full professional career that included division, NFC, and a Super Bowl championship.

Thank you Kam! You did it the right way. You played the right way! We are proud that you are one of us; Hokie Nation! Please visit often. Congratulations on a wonderful, successful career.