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The ACC Kickoff is Happening Today Hokies are Making an Impression

The Coaches, and Player Representatives for the ACC Coastal Teams are in the spotlight of the ACC Kickoff. Justin Fuente is leading the PR effort with Josh Jackson and Ricky Walker representing the players. It’s getting close, folks!

NCAA Football: ACC Media Days
It’s the ACC Kickoff and Day One is for the Coastal
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the official ACC Football Season is about to get underway. The ACC Kickoff introduces the teams, and key players for each of the divisions. It’s all PR all of the time.

Josh Jackson (is there any doubt, now as to who the starting QB will be?) and Ricky Walker were both looking natty in their business suits, with Ricky reminding us that suits are one thing, but the #LPD comes prepared to go to work, and the Lunch Pail reminds of that fact.

Seeing Justin Fuente smile a bit, and hopefully get some much needed information out to the media is a tell tale sign that fall practice is on the way and the Hokies are more capable than the sports media junkies (okay, so I am one of them... but know...) give them credit for. He’s admitting that the team is very young. He’s also setting the stage for the reality that admissions of youth are about to pass by his “No More Excuses” gateway.

Fuente has proven over the last two seasons that if anything else, he’s all football come football season, and he’s very much a coach who’s not interested in making excuses for performance problems, whether it’s the coaching staff or the players.

He’s all about accountability, and if you’ve ever been in a press conference after a loss or disappointing performance, you would see it in play. The coaches and players are still there for questions, and still accountable for what happened on the field.

Accountability is very important when the personnel on the field is young. Teaching inexperienced players to accept the responsibilities for doing their jobs at a fundamental level leads to players who naturally take on those responsibilities as they mature.

The Coach is just telling us that there will be lots of those lessons to be learned this season. Two weeks until practice starts.