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Hokies land 2019 Tailback in Keshawn King

The official 2019 running back recruiting slot is now filled, thanks to the commitment of Florida tailback Keshawn King

Keshawn King jukes a tackle at a the Nike Opening in Orlando
Credit to StudentSports Flickr account

Okay, so it’s really no secret that this class needs a tailback of some variety. There have been a lot of prospective commitments tossed about. Devyn Ford chose Penn State. Jordan Houston was a possibility but CB movement has him trending toward Maryland as his recruitment has gone on longer. Other names such as Tahj Gary, Zonovan Knight, and Jamious Griffin have come up. But now the class has the official Running Back™, and that is Keshawn King of Orange Park, Florida. King is no slouch or ‘second option’, he’s rated as a super high three star on 247 (89 grade overall, 379th nationally, 25th RB, 43rd FL) and a four star on ESPN (80 overall, unranked nationally, 20th RB, 48th FL). Only Rivals is laggard at a 5.6 three star, 49th at the position and 89th in the state. His offer list is NOT insignificant, either. Among others, the Hokies had to fight off Arkansas, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, Louisville, Miami, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ole Miss, South Carolina, USF, and others. However, coming up on an unofficial visit this weekend ahead of tomorrow’s annual barbeque bash, he saw fit to commit to the good guys.

Let’s see what we’ve got on tape for the third Florida commitment of #EnterNight19.

Keshawn King (Orange Park, FL. ~6’-0”, ~180lbs. Running back)

King is definitely a fast back. You can’t watch him without the speed drawing your eye. Often times I watch supposedly fast players on tape and I don’t get it. This guy? I do. He’s a very fluid runner with a really good set of eyes in his head, and, I know this sounds somewhat deterministic, but if he has a lane, he’s going to find it. His most impressive runs are the ones were he reads his blocks really well and makes smooth motions toward his goal. Bonus is that for a speed back, he’s actually got the size and strength to break a lot of poor contact tackles. He’s not Ryan-Williams-level agile, but he can move around and dip and dive, with an added bonus of having some of Darren Evans’s strength to bull through contact when it comes down to it. He’s also got some highlights showing potential receiving capabilities which this offense definitely needs and is somewhat lacking in at present.

Welcome to Virginia Tech, Keshawn! Go Hokies!