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Former Virginia Tech Multi-purpose back Sam Rogers signs with the Bills

The Buffalo Bills raided the former Fighting Gobbler Cupboard for talent, signing football playing Swiss Army knife Sam Rogers to a contract. It’s no guarantee of making the team, but if every Hokie does it’s a roster enough to call them the Buffalo Hokies... Kind of Like that one. It’s almost as good as the Washington Hokies..

Sam Rogers warms up for ECU 2016.
John Schneider - SB Nation

Is it the Buffalo Hokies or the Washington Hokies, or both?

The Bills just signed Sam Rogers for a good look see. We know that we liked every minute of seeing Sam on the field. He’d be a great pickup for the Bills.

Well that makes a whole bunch of talented hard working Hokies in the Buffalo locker room.

Logan Thomas - doing tight end stuff

Cam Phillips - who has come alive in practice

Wyatt Teller - who is looking like he might just be a starter

— and of course

Tremaine Edmunds - because he’s Tremaine and he absolutely will be starting

Better check out the roster over at Yahoo Sports, looks like maybe the Bills need some support from the real #DBU and they’d have it sealed.

Good luck Sam!