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Gobbler Country’s: Virginia Tech Hokies Evening News Roundup

It’s Sunday, and that is a day of practice, we are also hearing about various announcements and watch lists. Josh Jackson has made the Manning Award watch list. We have some other news fromr our student athletes and a welcome to #ThisIsHome for the class of 2022. GO HOKIES!!!!

Weekend roundups like short field goals.
John Schneider - SB Nation

Award Watch Lists

Josh Jackson has been named to the Manning Award watch list. This isn’t really surprising, Jackson spent some time this summer at the Manning Passing Academy. He was learning, and doing some coaching of the younger players.

Hopefully JJ is doing less of the soft tosses off of his back foot.
John Schneider - SB Nation

Let’s see how Josh gets his rhythm and if the O-Line can keep him on his feet this season. The sports world seems to think that Josh Jackson has a serious future. Some Hokies are not so sure, others are being positive but waiting for results. Put Gobbler Country in the latter group. Jackson was playing with a hurt shoulder for the 2nd half of the season (rumor has it) and if that is actually true then a fall off in production is to be expected. The team needs to keep him healthy this season.

Hokie Nation is Loud!

Did you know that someone has a list of the games that have hit significant numbers on the Richter Scale? Guess how many times and when Hokie Nation got Lane Stadium rocking enough for the USGS to notice?

You counted that, right? THREE!!!! We need to add a few more to that number.

Virginia Tech News that Everyone Loves. The Class of 2022 has been officially welcomed to #ThisIsHome. We can’t wait to see them in the stands this fall.

Hokie Baseball News

Other sports are starting up, and Gobbler Country will continue to cover the Virginia Tech Hokies Baseball Team as coach John Szefc (pronounced: Chef) start his second season with more of his own program in place and a brand new stadium and clubhouse facility, Union Park at English Field. The rebuild is going to take time, and that time started this week.

Women’s Soccer News

The Hokies were already on the field for a game against the visiting Georgetown Hoyas. Looks like it was a one to one tie. Just in case you wanted to know the Lady Hoyas are ranked #22 so that’s a great start to the Hokies’ Virginia Tech Tournament. The team is currently 0-0-2 with a tie versus Liberty on the 10th of August.

See Hokie Sports for the game summary, here.

Of course, today ended the official Football Fall Practice session. The rest of this 15 day period is going to be taken up with preparation for the Florida State Game.

Fan Appreciation Day is Next Sunday at 3:15. We’ll be there!