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Gobbler Country’s: Virginia Tech Hokie Evening News Roundup #3

It’s Tuesday evening, the second day of classes, and the initial jitters of the new students are probably just getting worse. College isn’t high school. Josh and John talk to BC Interruption. And the Fuente’s talk to a thing-a-ma-jig. GO HOKIES!!!!

The 50 before the Spring Game
John Schneider - SB Nation

Hokies Football Bits and Pieces

It seems that the Fuente entry into the smart home electronic market was touched by a special sort of giggle.

Josh Jackson’s testimonial video is pretty interesting, note the people commenting are not necessarily Virginia Tech folks.

So the ACC Digital Network had a poll as to who had the most impressive team entry. It came down to Clemson and Virginia Tech. We know who won, don’t we?

Because when you want to cause an earthquake, play Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” in Blacksburg. If you want a really big one, do it Prime Time.

Talking Hokie Football with BC Interuption

Our SB Nation Sister Publication BC Interruption is already doing preview articles on us. We’ll have more with them in the very near future.

Josh and I engaged in a little question and answer session with them. Take a look, here and see what we said.

And Ricky Walker is still getting more attention:

Congratulations to Ricky Walker who is the undisputed leader of #LPD for 2018.

Women’s Soccer

Goalie Mandy McGlynn has been named ACC co-defensive Player of the Week

Congratulations Mandy! Way to go!

That’s all for this evening. Check back tomorrow because there shall be another wrap with more interesting “stuff”.