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Gobbler Country’s: Virginia Tech Hokie Evening News Roundup #2-2

There aren’t any games going on. Tuesday is not busy until baseball season, so the campus is quiet. It’s partly cloudy and in the mid to high 80’s, there is a lovely breeze blowing, and everyone is concentrating on going to class. Everyone also is waiting for Monday. GO HOKIES!!!!

Jalen Holston reaches up for a practice pass in the Spring Game
John Schneider - SB Nation

Hokie Football

Seven Peoples is the team’s “Quiet Man”. It seems he’s taken a break from his quiet to talk to the media.

I get the feeling that Steven likes making his statements on the field. We want him to be VERY LOUD this season!

Ricky Walker is ready. It’s time... this waiting stuff is getting really long in the tooth.

On Injury News, Vinny Mihota is not expected to play for the FSU game. Remember, he tore an ACL in the Pitt game, last season. ACL repairs take time to heal (Seems like most take nearly a year if not a tad more). The coaches are saying that Vinny still isn’t 100%.

So, Jerrod Hewitt is going to get some serious work right off the bat. We have some really good 2’s on the Defensive Line, and it looks like they are going to be playing “quality” snaps. Meanwhile, we are wishing Vinny a good steady recovery so that he can help us through the stretch run.

Hokie Baseball

If you played before, and are getting the hankering to get out on the diamond again, Coach Szefc is running Hokie Baseball Prospect Camp to see if you can get a chance to play ball at Tech.

Around the Virginia Tech Campus

We just keep putting away the rankings for #ThisIsHome. Blacksburg is a special place in the hearts of all of Hokie Nation. WE LOVE THIS PLACE. It is our place, and that makes this place home.

And to wrap up for this evening I leave you with some inspirational Virginia Tech Scenes