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Gobbler Country’s: Virginia Tech Hokie Evening News Roundup #2-3

It’s a very quiet Wednesday, here in B’burg. The only Hokie sporting event on the schedule is the big women’s soccer match with Alabama, tomorrow. The big news is coming from football with the roster, and some scenes from the Baseball camp start. Sometimes quiet is good. GO HOKIES!!!

The Edmunds Brothers snuffing a sweep
John Schneider - SB Nation

Hokie Football

Damon Hazelton is getting his opportunity to start on Monday and intends to make the most of it. He’s fast, with good hands, and game experience. We’ll see how many catches he gets, he’s going to be really important, we need to complete drives this season.

The Tyrod and Danny Show was really hard on opponents that season! Weren’t they?

Here is something rare from Coach Fuente, commenting on the injury status of a player. Vinny Mihota is still rehabbing that knee. He’s close to making it all the way back but the coaching staff wants to be careful.

HEY!!! Josh and I were There! It was really neat!

Hokies in the Pros

Check out this one, it’s pretty special from a Hokie perspective that is...

2 sets of brothers in the NFL. Fullers and the Edmunds. Three each... well four if you count Vince Fuller and his time. That’s pretty amazing. Hokie Nation Loves them all!

Hokie Baseball

Team Drills looking a bunch like Company PT in the Corps of Cadets. Coach Szefc’s sartorial tastes may be a “tell”.

Around Campus

Spent two years doing this. The uniforms were all gray, and I bet the drill “rifles”/Clubs are still the same. These are young men and women who are challenging themselves beyond what other students will. It’s nice to see the corps be so big, now. It was tiny in 1977-1979 during my two year stint.

Tomorrow we should have some scores and maybe... just maybe we’ll get a peek at the uniform for the FSU game.