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Gobbler Country’s: Virginia Tech Hokie Evening News Roundup #2-5

It’s finally Labor Day Weekend! Gobblerfest took a pause due to lightning, but it’s all better now. The Volleyball team wins 3-0 again! Lots of Hokies in the Pros cuts, and we see what the team will be wearing Monday evening.

Love these jerseys from 2017.
John Schneider - SB Nation

Hokie Football

Well we finally have the uniform announcement, and like I figured we are going with the new patter “All Whites” with a Flat finish maroon helmet and white cleats. With FSU showing up in black, it’s going to look like an old serial western out there.

Yes, the Defense is a bit young. We do have speed, a good scattering of experience at most positions, and we have one thing that nobody else does.


Hokies in the Pros

These two are special and no explanation is needed

Bucky Hodges is working to make the Steelers, stuff like this looks good on the resume!

Meanwhile Big Tim is looking like a Washington Redskin Nose Tackle:

This is cutdown weekend for the pros. We’ll try to keep track of who makes it, who heads to practice squads, and who will just have to wait for another opportunity.


The volleyball team is still skunking opponents. Today was William&Mary’s turn to encounter the Hokies looking for big spikes.

The team is out, they’ll be heading to Florida tomorrow.

This is getting exciting. GO HOKIES!!!!