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Tyrod Taylor and the Cleveland Browns Featured on HBO’s Hard Knocks

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NFL: Cleveland Browns-OTA Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Back in May HBO announced that the Cleveland Browns would be the NFL team whose preseason they would chronicle in 2018’s Hard Knocks. Earlier that month the Buffalo Bills were involved in a trade that saw former Virginia Tech Hokies standout quarterback, Tyrod Taylor, sent to the struggling Ohio team.

A quick google search will quickly show that Mr. Taylor is turning heads in Cleveland with his performance and leadership, prompting Browns GM, John Dorsey, to state he is already open to the idea of a contract extension for the quarterback.

Former Oklahoma Sooners QB, Baker Mayfield, was selected by the Browns with the first overall pick of the 2018 NFL Draft. The buzz around the QB position is already high and it is safe to assume that both Taylor and Mayfield will be heavily featured in the HBO docu-series.

Considering Mayfield’s draft position it would appear that Tyrod is being brought in as a veteran to lead the team and assist in the mentoring the rookie until he is prepared to take the offensive lead himself. The two already seem to be close as evidenced by the highly publicized private “QB RV.”

You can catch the first episode of Hard Knocks on Tuesday, August 7, at 10PM Eastern with new iterations airing weekly at the same time until the start of the NFL regular season.

Best of luck to Tyrod Taylor as he continues his professional football career!

Go Hokies!!!