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Virginia Tech Hokies Out in the Cold by Sports Illustrated

Well, dissed again! Sports Illustrated just added to the size of the chip on the Hokie Bird’s shoulder. We’ve been completely left off of their preseason Top 25. Not even a peep... like we don’t exist. Time for this team to remind the Sports Pundit Groupthink of who and what we are. GO HOKIES!!!!

Eric Kumah is big and strong. He can catch and run.
John Schneider - SB Nation

Sports Illustrated continues the sports media dissing of Virginia Tech in preseason top 25 lists. I certainly hope that the chip is growing on the collective shoulder of Hokie Football. This list is even more illuminating if you look at who is listed and who isn’t in the 25-10 range.

To the sports media types at SI, the Hokies aren’t better than Group of 5 teams Florida Atlantic Owls, Arizona Wildcats, West Virginia which is listed at #10 after a middling 7-6 season and more head scratchers. One thing that I have learned about the quality and breadth of knowledge of any sports pundit is what that writer or group of writers thinks is going to happen in the 25-11 range.

Thinking hard and coming up with a potential performance analysis of any team is always difficult, and it’s really difficult in college where schedules are ruthlessly padded with cupcakes and non-competitive conference teams. That does not excuse ignoring or dismissing teams that ended the prior season in the Top 25 where the COACHING and PROGRAM has not changed significantly over the off-season.

It seems very much like the first AP poll is edging toward, very disappointing, for the Hokies.

Well Hokies, how about shocking the world and defying the sports media groupthink by knocking the chip off of your shoulder. You are getting a chance to make a statement. Step up and make it a loud and emphatic one.