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Gobbler Country’s: Virginia Tech Hokie Evening News Roundup #4-1

It’s quiet and the world awaits the storm. The big news update is that the Hokie Women’s soccer team just wrapped a 2-0 victory. The Football team and Volleyball team have some news, and men’s soccer has a very slim chance of playing their games as the storm approaches. FLORENCE is the big news.

Running on to Enter Sandman for 2018
John Schneider - SB Nation


As everyone has seen, there is a huge, deadly hurricane building in the subtropics, Southeast of Bermuda.

Hurrican Florence at 5pm EDT

Right now, the haymaker is aimed like a bowling ball on the Brooklyn side right between Wilmington and Cape Fear, North Carolina. It’s already pushing the 140mph systained winds and is heading our way, fast for a storm; 13mph is pretty quick as these things go.

The staff at the school was notified that ECU had closed, and was cancelling classes for the week. The entire coastal area of both South and North Carolina are under a state of emergency (so is Virginia) and evacuations are starting.

As you can see by the track, the storm is anticipated to head right over the Danville to Wytheville and through to the New River Valley as a tropical depression that will still be dumping water (the estimates are currently so wild I really don’t want to contemplate them) in the multiple foot range.

So Saturday at noon, there might be a slight complication to the plans. The last that I heard from reliable contacts is that the Athletic Department is studying the situation and that means a cancellation is a distinct possibility.

We’ll keep you updated as we hear more.

Hokie Football

Did anyone notice that Jordan Stout kicked clean in the last game? He either got the ball deep enough to keep the returner in the end zone, or flat out kicked the ball out of the end zone. Not one yard was gained on a return.

Coach Fuente was all dressed up in a natty blue suit and those butterscotch color Italian cap toes... and still wasn’t particularly pleased with the Hokies’ ball control problems on Saturday. Those cannot happen when we get to the hard part. We managed to lose only one, but against a Duke or Notre Dame those could turn a game.

Hokie Soccer


All that I can say is. NOPE, Probably NOT...

Once and twice again, probably not. Thanks Florence you’ve been a great pal.


The Women’s soccer team just wrapped a 2-nil shutout of East Tennessee State University. That gives them a 4-1-3 record! Great going Hokies!!!


Well, this game will happen, the storm is still a few days away from land fall. The volleyball team really struggled last season, but they seem to have fixed what ever is ailing them. They come back home to Cassell with a 8-1 record. That’s a really fantastic change. GO HOKIES!!!

So, that is a wrap for the evening news round up. We’ll keep you up to date, especially with Florence heading our way. Let’s be thinking about the folks in the storms path, and put some special emphasis on everyone’s safety.