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Virginia Tech football: Could this weekend’s game be in jeopardy?

Hurricane Florence is coming.

NCAA Football: William & Mary at Virginia Tech
Fans sitting in the rain during Virginia Tech’s win over William & Mary
Lee Luther Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

The Virginia Tech Hokies are no stranger to bad weather. Remember just two years ago when the Hokies went down to Chapel Hill and destroyed the North Carolina Tar Heels 34-3 during a Hurricane?

Well, it looks like the elements could be a factor again this weekend as the East Carolina Pirates—who just defeated those very same Tar Heels 41-19 last week—head to Lane Stadium this weekend. ECU is located in Greenville, North Carolina, which is where a new storm is developing and could put the team’s travel plans in peril.

On Monday, the situation is so concerning that Virginia Tech athletic director Whit Babcock took to Twitter to discuss the upcoming storm and if it would have any effect on this weekend’s game.

Not only is North Carolina in danger and could threaten ECU’s travel plans, but the storm is expected to hit Blacksburg, too, meaning if there is a game on Saturday afternoon, it could be an ugly one.

We’ll keep you posted.