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ECU Cancels the Hokies vs. Pirates due to Weather Concerns

East Carolina has decided that they aren’t going to travel to Blacksburg for Saturday’s game. There was a glimmer of hope since the storm track is showing that the storm will ablate quickly and head west from the coast instead of north west, but it’s not hard to understand the school’s concern - ECU is already closed and evacuating.

Not going to be doing this on Saturday
John Schneider - SB Nation

According to the just posted Hokie Sports article, East Carolina University has notified the Hokie Athletic Department that they are not going to make the trip to Blacksburg for the game. From the looks of things ECU would like to reschedule later, but that would be a tight rope so we’ll see.

It’s disappointing that they pulled the trigger this soon. Tech was going to wait until tomorrow to see if there was a more updated weather track that would tell us about how much the storm will impact the New River Valley, but ECU’s concerns are understandable. North Carolina is going to be hit hard by Florence, of that there is little doubt.

Well, we’ll see about the non-conference shortened season. They aren’t often well received by the powers that be.


Looks like Florence is heading to Charlotte.

Florence’s probable track as of 9/11 at 5pm