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Gobbler Country Takes a Look at the Day’s College Football Results

So, Jay suggested some games, let’s take a look at what sorts of results we’ve had besides an empty Lane stadium and a trip to Hobby Lobby to get some Fall and Christmas decorations.

It was an empty day at Lane Stadium. Just light intermittent rain, very little wind.
John Schneider - SB Nation

Florida State is Definitely in Serious Trouble

This isn’t meant to discount ‘Cuse. Dino Babers has been working diligently on returning the Orange to some sort of winning status in the Atlantic division of the ACC. In fact, I bet they are a solid #2 when Jay’s ACC Rankings come out this week.

I am beginning to wonder when the betting action comes out with serious odds for the number of the game that causes the “not used to sucking” Florida State boosters to arrange for a flight out of Tallahassee for Willie Taggart and his band of assistants. Florida State got it’s collective tush handed to it by the Orange, today, 30-7. Actually, it was 30-0, with FSU only killing the skunk in Garbage Time.

Boston College seems to have an Offense

It was a shootout of sorts between the lower tier of the Atlantic Division. Boston College out lasted Wake Forest 41-34. Some how or another Lefty has figured out how to generate offense. There isn’t much in the way of defense, there. But the BC game still isn’t going to be a walk away win. Tech is going to have to bring it to Lane Stadium. The Eagles are going to come here with a snoot full, and a good deal of pride on the line.

Pitt Didn’t Loose to Georgia Tech: 24-19 Panthers

No one is going to write this one up as more than a mild upset, but it really is because Georgia Tech was projected to be a better team than Pitt. I didn’t check the odds but they really don’t matter in this one. What matters is that Pitt is 2-1, and seems to have a head of steam up. Neither team is going to be easy to beat, and we need to face both this season.

Outside of the ACC

BYU Upset Wisconsin: 24-21

This is not trivial. The Badgers were ranked #6, and BYU was something close to putrid last season. Guess not, now.

Vandy Almost Nipped Off Notre Dame’s Attitude: 22-17 Domers

Vanderbilt nearly came back against Notre Dame, who had to come up with a game saving stop after Vanderbilt got within a touchdown with 7:21 left in the game. Notre Dame is beatable, folks.

Army Beat Hawaii at Miche Stadium: 28-21 Black Knights

Something near and dear to my heart is Army football. Army was my first football team, and the 1970 Army Oregon game was the first live football game that I ever attended. I slept under a USMA blanket for almost all of my childhood. So when Army wins, I cheer.

Auburn WON’T be in the Top 10 Tomorrow

Looks like LSU is way better under Coach O, than people thought. They snuck past Auburn with a long field goal as the clock ticked 00:00 in the 4th quarter; 22-21. Auburn was ranked #6.

In the last mild upset, #17 Boise State lost to #21 Oklahoma State. The score wasn’t particularly close at 44-21 Cowboys.

On the home front, the weather in Blacksburg was variably rainy, breezy and in the low 70’s but there were no real down pours, there was no flooding, and even the Demon Deacons traveled to Blacksburg last evening to play a Men’s Soccer game. I won’t say anything more about it. A soccer team showing up to play says it all.

HOKIES didn’t play but there were a really surprising number of people in town. I guess they figured they’d just come down, frequent the eateries and kitsch stores to support the local merchants. Even Whit Babcock had a great sense of humor about the day.

There will be more results, but it’s going to take a serious broom to chase me off the couch. I’m going to watch Doc Pol fix animals.