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Virginia Tech Hokies Ranked 10th in the Coaches’ Poll Stays Put at 13 for AP

The College Polls are out, and suddenly the Hokies find themselves in the Coaches’ top 10 at #10. Warning folks, BC is ranked 25, undefeated, and will be visiting Lane in the midst of a tough ACC run. We stay put at 13 for the AP Poll.

The 2016 BC Game was dominated by the Hokies - challenge coming this year, though
John Schneider - SB Nation

Some days it’s good to watch the mayhem happen and sometimes it’s not. While I think that the ECU game would have been a solid win, other weird judgment issues will often shove a team with an accidental bye week down a few points.

The Amway/USA Today Coaches Poll for week 3 tinkers with that a bit. The Hokies are suddenly a top 10 football program! The Coaches pushed us up a notch to #10. We realize that there will be a few “detractors” and watch outs, and comparative over analyzers, but not one person in that group predicted that Virginia Tech would be, at any point in the season, ranked much above the (+ -) 20 range. Most of them were predicting us to be 2-1 at best.

Of course we aren’t the hot news item. Louisiana State’s sneak past Top 10 ranked Auburn basically engineered a swap of places for the teams. Auburn shed 4 places to land just behind us at #11. That wasn’t the worst drop, though. Bucky and Wisconsin tumbled 10 to land at 16, after losing a big one to the BYU Cougars. BYU didn’t make the top 25, but they got 30 votes, which is 30 more than they ended up the 2017 season with.

The other big surprise and should be a serious note that we need to pay big attention to, is that Boston College, at 3-0, has made the poll at #25. Like I said in the wrap of activity, yesterday. Boston College is going to be a serious, real, and dangerous challenge when they come to Blacksburg. We’d better be ready. Lefty wants some revenge, and frankly the Eagles are a bit tired of being chumped by us since the Matty Ice Bowl ended their luck with us.

Meanwhile over at AP, the Sports Media basically left us where we were at #13. Auburn didn’t take as much of a hit, only dropping to 9, but LSU did go to #6. BC debuted at a very strong #23 as the count went. So if it’s below 6, there isn’t a whole lot of complete agreement with the polls; since BYU made it into the AP ranks at 25.

This isn’t too unexpected. It would have been much better if Tech had been able to play a game. The next trip home will be Notre Dame after having to travel for 2 weekends to ODU and then Duke (again even with an injured QB, looks like it’s going to be Cutcliffe tough).

One game at a time. Let’s go 1-0 vs. ODU!