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Gobbler Country’s: Virginia Tech Hokie Evening News Roundup #5-1

Florence is just about blown past as a very wet tropical depression. There is water everywhere, and the activity level of Virginia Tech reflects the somberness of the weather. The Volleyball team lost a match, the Women’s basketball team is ramping up practices, and football is getting ready to head to Norfolk to play ODU.

The main entrance to Cassell Coliseum
John Schneider - SB Nation

So there are some other things going on, and there was a game this weekend. The Volleyball team dropped a match and the rest of the world seemed to just hunker down and wish for the rain to let up.

Happy Birthday to the Late September Athletes

Hokie Volleyball

The Volleyball team battled it out in San Antonio Texas but lost a 3-1 match to the host University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). The team gets back to Blacksburg and has a home stand in Cassell on the 21st against ACC rival Pitt.

Hokie Soccer

Looks like the hurricane makeup games are getting scheduled.


Hokie Baseketball


Coach Brooks starts getting things rolling for the Women’s roundball team.

Hokie Wrestling

The wrestling team is top notch, and they expect to be top notch again this season. The new schedule is out. The season starts the first week in November.

We’ll keep tabs on them. The wrestling schedule is an odd one, it’s rarely 1 on 1 matches. So there are more than you can really imagine from the looks of the bracket opportunities.

Hokie Football

It’s the ODU game preview press conference from Coach Fuente. It’s been a quiet week for him. Looks like the activity level is about to ramp up. You’ll need to run the play button down to about 20 minutes, there is a ton of leader there.

Hokie Commit Jayden Payoute makes the U.S. Army All American Bowl invitation for after high school football season.

Coach Wiles is alerting everyone that it’s Game week, and the preparation is going to be normal. ODU will not be lightly dismissed.

Tech Talk Live going on right now.

This is from Coach Fuente, and doesn’t just apply to football. Concentrate on the job at hand, worry about the next job after this one is done. Don’t quit.

I like it. Works for me! Let’s go Hokies! Let’s go 1-0 for everyone!