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Gobbler Country’s: Virginia Tech Hokie Evening News Roundup #5-3

The football team is getting ready for a road trip to Norfolk, and the Men’s Soccer team gets ranked. The sun is out in Blacksburg, and things are drying out a bit. We take a tour of the Wednesday sports world from the New River Valley.

Brad Kaaya’s no good very bad evening in 2016. Looking to repeat the feat in 2018.
John Schneider - SB Nation

Hokie Soccer


The first big news is that the men’s soccer team not only won yesterday, but is now ranked a solid #14 by United Soccer Coaches. Way to play hard and get noticed Hokies!!!

Hokie Baseball

The baseball team had an exhibition game cancelled due to the weather, so they are announcing a makeup on October 10.

Hokie Football

Time to get to practice. Wednesday is usually a full conditioning workout. The team will leave Friday. Then maybe we’ll get the heads up on the gear for the game.

Bud Foster talks getting defensive experience, especially linebacker, and Ricky Walker talks about going home to play a game in front of his friends and family. Something tells me that this isn’t really an “away” game for the Hokies.

The biggest beneficiary of this extra week is probably #8. Ricky Walker’s ankle was wrapped up in a walking boot at the end of the William and Mary game, as he steamed is way through the remainder from the bench. He’s all game, but anyone who has rolled an ankle badly knows that time, ice, and elevation are the magic cures. Especially time. Ricky looks ready.

Hokie Nation

So, the Rece’s 5 Best Game Day Location for the ESPN coverage crew? Guess who is number 1! And guess who they barely talked about in their round robin about it on the show?

Well, at least they have taste in fun and enthusiasm, if not conversation topics.

Enjoy the sunshine folks! It’s not supposed to rain until Saturday.