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Gobbler Country’s: Virginia Tech Hokies Evening News Roundup #6-1

Lots of activity going on for Hokie Recovery week. Lots of wins, and a Gold Medal in Freestyle Wrestling. There are some good things and some challenges. That’s they way we rock. GO HOKIES!!!

Two Hokies, Bird and Stone.
John Schneider - SB Nation


The lead off, here has to be something worldly. Nothing gets more worldly than earning a Gold Medal in world competition. Huge Hokie Kudos to Mekhi Lewis for his convincing Gold medal performance at the Junior World Freestyle Wrestling Championships in Slovakia. It’s a major major major thing, folks!

Congratulations Mekhi!

Just so everyone remembers how good this team is, we are reminding you.


The volleyball team recovered from it’s home opening loss to Pitt with a big 3-0 victory over the Wahoos of Hooville

Going one up in the Commonwealth Clash salves the pain a bit in regard to the prior ACC loss.

Hokie Soccer


Miami took a hit as the Hokie Women’s soccer team blanked them 2-0.

It was Coach Adair’s 100th victory, to go with the shutout.

Hokie Football

We can’t really avoid the disappointment on the loss to ODU but there is lots more to recover from. Josh Jackson will have a fractured left fibula operated on tomorrow Sept 25th. There was no time table given but the medical information that we’ve gotten tells us that the process can take 6 to 8 weeks. That seems to be a real generality, and the coaches are currently unwilling to say anything further.

Ryan Willis is getting the call, and we all need to support him!

Coach Fuente’s postgame presser might go down as the most honest assessment of a team’s performance and the feelings of the coach and staff about it.

It’s really refreshing to see this level of frankness about a performance on a contested field. Good on Coach Fuente. There is no equivocation, and certainly no excuses made.

That’s the way Hokies roll.