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Virginia Tech Hokies Ranked 14 by the Coaches and 12 by the AP Media

Wow what a difference a week and a big game makes! The polls are out and the Hokies stepped up three notches in the Coaches’ Poll, and a whopping 8 in the AP Poll

The Hokie Bird is getting respect. Still has a chip.
John Schneider - SB Nation

Wins and losses have fallout. Some of it is consequential, and some of it is of mild interest. Because the data points fed to the playoff committee include the results of the Amway Coaches poll, where teams show up get factored into the final rankings. For now, though it’s all interest.

The polls are normally announced between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm on Sundays following college game day. The first official, more than paper, polls are done on Tuesdays to account for the Labor Day weekend Monday action. And we, fellow Hokies were the Monday action.

USA Today posted the Amway Coaches’ Poll this afternoon and Virginia Tech advanced from the opening bid #17, up three positions to #14. That leaves three ACC teams (and Notre Dame - who needs to decide what it wants to be) in the Coaches Top 25; #2 Clemson, us at #14, and Miami at #21. Notre Dame took Miami’s preseason #8 slot.

Before getting all frothed up either way, the jump from 17 to 14 was reasonable considering that the coaches had rated the Hokies at #17 instead of #20 on the AP Poll is a slightly different story.

Other than the “prestige” of being rated by the media, the AP Poll means largely nothing. Except it does to lots of fans, and those fans are going to love the 8 point jump in rating for Virginia Tech. For the math challenged (like yours truly) that is an incredible #12.

Number 12 might be a bit optimistic, but I am sure that the Hokies will very humbly appreciate the move, and the coaches will work diligently to keep any heads from swelling.

This is a long season, and one game a full season doesn’t make. Next week there will be more polls and power rankings and all that matters is that Virginia Tech goes 1-0 against William & Mary.