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Gobbler Country’s: Virginia Tech Hokie Evening News Roundup #3-1

It’s time for a round up of Hokie sport and campus interest. We know that that there was a significant event on Monday, and we’ll see a little fun with that, but there were other teams in action and we’ll have to update you on those things, too. Men’s soccer is ranked #21! The volleyball team is 6-0! GO HOKIES!!!

Game Day in Blacksburg is Saturday!
John Schneider - SB Nation

Hokie Football

Just some fun tweets from the team as the wet and wonderful evening in Tallahassee progressed and concluded.

Remember this picture. I think that this is a special group of young men who did an amazing job against serious adversity on Monday night.

Of course just a little reminder that it’s time to go 1-0 versus the Tribe on this Saturday. It’s a short week, and I bet everyone is being reminded of a certain game on a certain short week against a quality FCS opponent.

The AD’s Strategic Communications folks are asking that this information be passed on. Like we said, there are some changes to the Game Day traffic flow. Please read if you are coming to Blacksburg for the game.

There is hope for Herbie... Is he waking up?

Check out the awards, congratulations to Rayshard Ashby and Caleb Farley for being named to the ACC Player of the week list.

Hokie Men’s Soccer

Let us not get completely trapped by our love for the football team, because we love all of Hokie Nation’s athletes. And now there is some media love for the Men’s Soccer Team. #21!!! Yes, Gentlemen, yes indeed. Good start... but we know that here at Gobbler Country it’s always the next game and the need to go 1-0!

Men’s Soccer is still undefeated, with a 3-0-1 record. See Hokie Sports for the Schedule Details.

Hokie Baseball

The baseball team has completed tryout camp and has opened up for Fall practice.

Hokie Women’s Soccer

The Hokies tied the Georgia Bulldogs in a scoreless nil - nil double overtime stalemate. In the world of soccer, that’s not ideal, but it’s not totally disappointing.

Hokie Volleyball

The Volleyball team is undefeated in two weeks of tough matches. Hokie Sports has the summary.

Tech is 6-0 in regular season competition, and 7-0 if you count the preseason win over New River Valley Rivals, Radford. Way to go Hokies!!!

So that’s a wrap for the 5th of September. Counting down 3 days until we start Jumping at Lane!