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Gobbler Country’s: Virginia Tech Hokie Evening News Roundup #3-2

It is really quiet. Tomorrow the Men’s Soccer Team goes to Hooville for the first Hokie Wahoo contest of the season. There are some goings on and comments on football issues. But Blacksburg is really quiet today. Good time to prepare. GO HOKIES!!!!

Oscar Bradburn soaks it in before UNC last season.
John Schneider - SB Nation

Hokie Football

With the Tribe visiting from Williamsburg, we have a bit of a sibling rivalry for the event. It seems Coleman Fox’s brother is doing what some brothers do, and that’s strike out to be different.

This is a potentially interesting family mashup because Coleman is a Running Back/Wide Receiver and his brother Riley is a Linebacker. The family feuds are usually Hokies and Hoos. This has a bit different flavor to it.

Eddie Royal is in town to attend the game. We’ll try to get some pictures from the sideline.

Caleb Farley turned heads, besides turning the ball over in favor of the Hokies.

Hokie Soccer

The men’s team, ranked #21, travel to Hooville to start up the Commonwealth Clash for 2018.

Game Day Updates

So, it was a really quiet week with not much going on except Hokies going to school. And Preparing to go 1-0 against William and Mary.