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Virginia Tech Hokies: AP drops 1 to 13, but Coaches up to 11

The AP and Coaches polls are out, and the Hokies zigged in one and zagged in another. We are down 1 and up 3. That’s not unexpected in the early season. GO HOKIES!!! BEAT ECU!

Sandman waits to enter
John Schneider - SB Nation

In the logic of the early polling, the Hokies blow the doors off, and still drop in the AP Poll to #13. It’s difficult to untwist the logic and mental gymnastics of the sports media people, but that’s the way the vote count went, including Clemson’s near loss salvation by bad officiating at Kyle Field at the hands of Texas A&M who has proven that Clemson is beatable and the 6 #1 votes are there because.. well... just because.

Tech’s AP one point drop is a bit disappointing, because short of rubbing William and Mary off of the planet, there was little else the team could do. Who knows in the tortured thought pattern of the voters, Florida State’s 34 of a game struggles against tiny Samford might have set some over rationalizations in process about the “quality” of that win for the Hokies.

Meanwhile over at the poll that actually counts, the Amway USA Today/Coaches Poll, The Hokies jumped up 3 slots to a lofty #11 (862 votes) behind Penn State, and just ahead of Washington. That’s 68 votes behind PSU, and 10 votes ahead of WU.

That’s all lofty and wonderful stuff, but we still have to play ECU, who suddenly woke up this past Saturday and curb stomped North Carolina.

So, as wonderful as the numbers sound, the lesson of the AP poll needs to be taken to heart. You cannot rest, and count on things happening good. You have to make them happen.

Tech put the ball on the turf too many times, and the bad snaps need to get fix in one heck of a hurry. It looks like East Carolina might just come into Lane Stadium with a load of “nasty” ready to knock us off of our pedestal. They’ve managed that feat before.

One Game at a time, and I am sure that Sunday and Monday’s practices are going to be “interesting”.


The Skipper is being readied to make noise for the home opener. It made a whole lot.
John Schneider - SB Nation