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Virginia Tech Hokies remain at 9 and 7 for the AP and Coaches

The polls are out and your Virginia Tech Hokie Men’s Basketball Team stays ranked in the top 10 again this week.

NCAA Basketball: Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech
Persevering is what we did at Georgia Tech.
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Why not just repeat last week’s poll tweat. It’s the same thing. Which considering the struggle at Georgia Tech isn’t too bad.

The AP Poll has us static at #9 the AP poll top 10 was a push for the week. Nothing changed around us. We are bracketed by #8 Texas Tech and #9 Nevada. There was a huge churn in the 11-25 rankings as you would expect for this time in the season.

The Coaches have us at #7 with Gonzaga and Sparty trading places ahead of us at 5/6, and the Jayhawks and Texas Tech doing a flip-flop behind us at 8/9.

At mid point the top 10 is ending its early phase. The churn for the prime seeds of the tourney will begin shortly. This is often the time where the top 10 programs begin to play each other, and the mix begins to muddy a bit as wins and loses of the “signature” and “statement” variety are encountered more often.

This is the case in the ACC. The Hokies face #4/1 UVA on Tuesday, but we have the likes of #1/2 Duke, #11/11 Florida State, #13/15 North Carolina, #17/16 North Carolina State. Then, no one on this planet said that any of Miami, Pitt, Syracuse, Wake Forest, Louisville, and Clemson will be push overs. Some of those are home/home series, and some are one offs. But all are going to be tough.

The only thing that we really have going for us is that the top seeds are also facing the same thing. Duke and UVA haven’t a ton of Signatures on their cards this season, either.

This is going to be an interesting 2nd half run. Tech has proven to be a 2nd half team this season. It will be interesting to see if the in-game trend and the season trend match up. If so, this could be a really exciting year for us.