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Gobbler Country’s Hokie Sports Evening News Round Up #25-1

It’s winter... Oh wow is it winter... And the Winter Sports are in full swing. The both basketball teams (Men are still highly ranked) were in action, the grapplers are amazing, and just more stuff going on in Hokie Nation.

NCAA Basketball: Syracuse at Virginia Tech
Justin Robinson’s most excellent amazing big night.
Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

Hokie Nation was hopping to it over the last week. Let’s take a trip through the news feeds:

Hokie Basketball


Of course we were still smarting over the drubbing the Men’s team took against Carolina in Chapel Hill. It seems that a game that could have started something a bit negative was shaken off quite thoroughly. A fired up and dangerous Syracuse Orange team showed up at Cassell and was profoundly reminded by the team, led by Justin Robinson with a career high 35 points, 27 of which were 3’s that the Hokies are undefeated at home this season.

So, the first thing, today we get notified of this “little” honor.

So the ACC Player of the Week gets honored for his career effort.

Meanwhile the polls are out, and I don’t mind telling folks that I was wincing more than a bit. The Carolina road trip-up.. didn’t do as much damage to the rankings as we feared.

Tech is ranked 12th in the AP Poll:

And 11th in the Coaches Poll. We dropped three places there, but it wasn’t horrible considering the blowout split between the Tar Heels and the Orange.

The next game is on the road in Coral Gables where the Hokies travel to take on the struggling Miami Hurricanes. This should be a good road win for the Hokies but as Jawhar reminds us all, the Hokies have been cursed in south Florida for a while.


The Hokie women’s basketball team cannot seem to get out of the ACC bucket. Their season went south just past the half way point as the ACC run began, and yesterday they nearly pulled off a losing streak breaker but still dropped a frustrating heartbreaker to Florida State 54-56.

The women keep trying to find a formula to break the power slide. Hopefully something starts moving their way soon.

Hokie Wrestling

The wrestling team is ranked 12th for the moment. Last week they took on ACC rival #13 Pitt for the Conference Opener with an absolutely resounding win. The match was done in Cassell, and the place got to rocking as Hokie after Hokie had his arm raised in the center of the mat.

Then Tech traveled to Bethlehem, PA to take on #24 Lehigh in a ranked on ranked non-conference match up. The Hokies ran (or is that grappled?) away with the huge win.

New rankings might just see some new movement for the Hokie wrestlers.

Indoor Track and Field

Let’s take a look at some of the winners in the latest road tournament, along with high placements that are pushing the Hokie Indoor Season into the impressive category.

Note that Cole Beck is not in conditioning camp. He just set a personal best record for the 200 meter and placed 5th in the same tournament. We’ll see what happens when he gets a chance to pad up and run on the football field in 2019.

And now Blacksburg awaits more winter, as the threat of ice and snow looms for the morning hours.