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McClease Expected to Remove His Name from the Portal

Not sure of where this is going so I will use the “expected” instead of the emphatic “will”. At this point it seems that Deshawn McClease is having a serious re-think of where he wants to play for his remaining two years.

Deshawn McClease was running well at the Military Bowl. Seems that he might just stick around.
John Schneider - SB Nation

Our friends over at 24/7 Scoop (serious H/T to Evan Watkins) are saying that Deshawn McClease has changed his mind and is expected to remove his name from the transfer portal to stay on for his final two years of eligibility with the Hokies.

See their Scoop article here.

His Twitter account has been completely silent since the 24th of January except that the old “no longer available” notice shows up in lots of retweeted and response good luck messages.

So something is moving in the Hokies direction, and an article that we planned on doing about the running back situation might need a redraft...

We’ll stay on it, but maybe, just maybe Deshawn is slamming the door emphatically on the transfer portal drama of 2019.