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Former Virginia Tech QB Bruce Arians Unretires to coach Tampa Bay

Former Virginia Tech Fighting Gobbler QB Bruce Arians, Steelers Super Bowl Assistant, and Head Coach for the Cardinals decides that he just can’t stay retired. He’s headed for Tampa Bay. BA always loved a lost cause.

Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks
BA still can’t retire. He’s going to Tampa Bay.
Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Bruce Arians always had a soft spot for a hard case. He was given a second chance with Jimmy Sharpe at Virginia Tech, and never forgot that lesson. He’s stepped in to rescue quite a few lost causes in his career.

Well, the news is that Bruce Arians is going to take the Tampa Bay Buccaneer coaching job. Lord knows why. He’s a good coach who just has never gotten a head coaching position to click with anything approaching a championship caliber team. Maybe he wants to take one more shot at it?

We in Hokie Nation love BA, and certainly wish him well. BA, it is Tampa... you know that... right?

We’ll see how this goes. At least he’s close to his regular home in Georgia when the inevitable happens. Tampa and the Redskins have the same problem from different latitudes.