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#9/#7 Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets: First ACC Away Game

So the air gets really rare and thin at this level. The ACC has filled the top 25 in the NCAA Men’s Basketball polls, and Tech is now in single digits in both. Yesterday we notched 1 more to go to #9 in the AP Poll. The Coaches did us three better and we went from #10 to #7. This evening the tipoff is in Atlanta as the Hokies face the Yellow Jackets in what should be a winnable game. We’ll see... GO HOKIES!!!

NCAA Basketball: Boston College at Virginia Tech
Kerry Blackshear, Jr. is our starting big man in a team of guards. Hokies go to Atlanta to play the other Tech.
Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

Virginia Tech is headed to Atlanta to face the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets for the first Hokie ACC game on the road. What makes this normally scheduled contest so important is that it’s our first away game in the conference.

Georgia Tech is 9-5 overall, and 1-0 in ACC play. Their record doesn’t show it, but they are still a very dangerous team. The road is where the first big stumbles happen, and there is one other real pressure facing Kerry Blackshear, Jr., Justin Robinson, and the guys in Maroon and Orange.

It’s been a really long time since the Hokies have been ranked this high nearing the mid point in the season, and just starting into conference play. So, this is an announcement of some very thin air, and some ego inflation. Buzz will be working hard to keep the energy up without allowing such small ranking numbers to get into players’ heads. It certainly is getting into more than a few fans’ heads... yours truly included.

Georgia Tech, on the road in convincing fashion will be the kind of statement that Virginia Tech needs to make. Of course Georgia Tech will have other ideas, and they could use a signature in their treasure box.

As I have told several readers. We have only a few “Signature Wins” possible in the schedule this season. Because at #9 and #7 we are the “Signature Win”. That means every single game is going to be tough. Every ACC team is going to be out for turkey.

Be great every game! January 7th around 8:00 PM