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The Gobbler Country SB Nation FanPulse Poll is Out the Top 10 Changes

The FanPulse data is out, and things are getting boiled up in the Top 10, and Hokie Nation is feeling a bit better this week. It’s week 7 for the league, and week 6 for us. Halfway done, more than half to go... think about it... hopefully. GO HOKIES!!!!

This one felt like a Spring Game... Where was Spring?
John Schneider - SB Nation

So the FanPulse Data is in, and the Top Ten is shifting around a bit. Alabama is still ranked #1, but the remainder of the bigs were in a bit of a boil. Georgia’s loss, and some other unusual mid-season events created a slightly different poll.

Week 7 is in the Books and the usual suspects are headed for post season.
SB Nation

The Gobbler Country Voters saw the top 25 like the following:

Gobbler Country’s Top 25 Poll for Week 7

1 Alabama (6-0)
1 Alabama (6-0)
2 Clemson (6-0)
3 LSU (6-0)
4 Ohio State (6-0)
5 Oklahoma (6-0)
6 Wisconsin (6-0)
7 Penn State (6-0)
8 Auburn (5-1)
9 Notre Dame (5-1)
10 Georgia (5-1)
11 Florida (5-1)
12 Oregon (5-1)
13 Boise State (6-0)
14 Minnesota (6-0)
15 SMU (6-0)
16 Texas (4-2)
17 Utah (5-1)
18 Baylor (6-0)
19 Michigan (5-1)
20 Missouri (5-1)
21 Arizona State (5-1)
22 Cincinnati (5-1)
23 Wake Forest (5-1)
24 Oklahoma State (4-2)
25 App State (5-0)
It’s week 7! OMG!

The Heisman Tropy way too early candidate is:

(I personally think that Hurts is the real difference maker on this board.)

Who gets to do commercials for the rest of their life?
SB Nation

And finally, the poll covering the how we feel about the program direction is looking a bit healthier. I am sure that the UNC game will go a long way to changing the tone of the fan base... one way or the other. Right now we are just a hair over 50%.

So, we head into week 8, it’s now officially the half way point for the Hokies. We have a 4-2 record of which only 3-2 counts. Tech needs to find a way to win at least 3 more games, and it would be really nice if they could figure out a way to beat the remainder of their ACC opponents. Carolina would be a great start.