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Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Rhode Island Rams: Podcast Review and Touch on UNC

Bryan and John talk about the game last weekend. Things really didn’t go the way that many folks wanted. It looks like the coaching staff was the faculty for this one. GO HOKIES!!!

Hendon Hooker stretching before the game
John Schneider - SB Nationb

You’ve read the review. Bryan and John talk about the game and what they thought was going on, along with a little intro to the UNC game.

Be prepared for some interesting single segments. Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey will spend four podcast talking about recruiting. We’ll cover the history of Tech’s efforts, look at Tech recruiting in general, and then spend some time with guests Joshua Schneider and an old friend of the site’s Ray Matthews. The Recruiting Specials will start up by the end of the week, so be watching for them.

It’s UNC week. So, let’s get ready for Homecoming.