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Virginia Tech Hokies Lead the Heels but it’s Close: 21 - 17

The Hokies come out flat, suffer a short field fumble, and then somehow figure out how to stay in the game.

NCAA Football: North Carolina at Virginia Tech
Hendon Hooker had a pretty good half, considering.
Lee Luther Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

This game was nearly impossible to predict before the kickoff. It’s remained that way for the entire half. We’ve seen some gashes against the defense. We’ve seen some bad coverage by some, and some really amazing work by Chamarri Connor and something like 4 breakups by Caleb Farley.

Tech doesn’t have a real answer for the UNC 3 second offense, but if it gets to Howell and shakes him up a bit... good things happen. Devon Hunger has 4 solo and 4 assisted tackles for 8. Rayshard Ashby has 2 solo and 4 assists, Chamarri and Divine have six between them.

The good news is that Tre Turner is back and caught a beautiful flag route for a touchdown, and between Hooker and McClease the running game isn’t horrid. In fact the Read/Option is working and both are getting some running room.

Hokies still need to keep up the pressure on defense...

The 2nd quarter picked up for both sides of the football, though the Defense is sometimes just working hard to slow down the Heels until the field gets small enough to limit the coverage depths. Deshawn McClease is chopping off 7.9 yards a rush with 55 yards. Hooker has 49 yards. Hooker was 8 of 12 passing for an very satisfying 127 yards including a 55 yard touchdown pass to Tre Turner. Bradburn is thumping the ball and his punts have been critical with 2 inside the 20 for a 52 yard average.

Hendon Hooker went down on some inscrutably conservative (but completely predictable) play calling by Cornelsen. Ryan Willis’s front side fade to James Mitchell put up the Hokies’ go ahead touchdown with 19 seconds left on the clock...

The Heels ran one play and then took it in for the half. Hokies get the ball back in the 2nd.

The major questions will be... Is it Willis? And which Willis will it be?

Stay Tuned..