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Hokies and Heels go to Five Overtimes: 43-41

Down to third string QB Quincy Patterson, Tech and the Tar Heels take a 31 - 31 tie into Overtime. Then after 5OT periods that involved two missed field goals each, then three snuffed conversions... the Hokies big strong powerful third string Quarterback drove the ball over the goal line for the 43-41 win. GO HOKIES!!!

NCAA Football: North Carolina at Virginia Tech
This was Tech’s offense
Lee Luther Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

There was a duel going on. Virginia Tech and North Carolina battled up and down the field trading blows like prize fighters in the middle of the ring. Hokies entered the 2nd half with a four point lead, but without a starting Quarterback. Hendon Hooker who had been solid, with the exception of a mishandled off angle snap that gave Carolina a short field and a field goal after the Heels had opened with a scorcing TD drive.,

The Hokies recovered and then weird stuff started happening, First Willis’s 1st half ending touchdown pass was not repeated. The second half brought back the uninspired play calling, a really badly formed three and out to start the half, and then Carolina ripping up the field with a touchdown drive.

Tech recovered somewhat, but eventually removed Willis for Quincy Patterson who basically ran a Wild Turkey for the entire half. He did make a couple of nice throws... but really there was little effort by the Hokies to disguise the fact that the Hokies just weren’t going to pass the ball.

Tech even got the ball down to the 4 yard line and could only manage three points for the 31-31 tie. And that pretty much gave away the remainder of the game. The Hokies couldn’t survive an NCAA Overtime without the confidence to pass, and eventually gave up a touchdown to Carolina in the 2nd OT period.

Tech’s final drive attempt just kept going in small chunks. The game came down to a Virginia Tech 4th and 3 on the 18 yard line, needing a TD to go to the 3rd OT Period. And Patterson finally got to hit Hazelton for a beautiful touchdown strike; with one hand no less.

The 3rd Overtime was supposed to be the charm for the Tar Heels. Tech’s tepid play calling resulted in too long a field goal try. Brian Johnson missed just to the left of the left upright... all Carolina needed to do is puddle around in field goal range and then run their kicker out for the kill. But the kicker had no scope... he missed it to the right...

The 4th Overtime Carolina got the ball first, and the stoked Hokie Defense force a Carolina Field Goal attempt. They had a bit of a crowd problem and then Beamerball happened... Jermaine Waller blocked the Carolina attempt. Needless to say, the only thing that Tech was going to do was keep the ball on the ground with no mistakes, and get the ball centered for the kick attempt. Well, nerves happen and Tech flinched on 3rd down to give Carolina a break... and the follow up play wasn’t exactly a winner. Johnson’s attempt from the right hash was either going to be another miracle but poor management of the play calling in the series set him up for failure. Tech missed... and it was a 5th overtime for what might get to be the longest game in Tech history.

The game comes down to 2 point conversions, and Hokies missed theirs. A badly interfered with Damon Hazelton couldn’t haul it in... but Carolina couldn’t answer... so the ends of the field were traded... and another 2 point try series was set up...

Virginia Tech chose to defend on the final try exhange. Kahlil Ladler hammered Sam Howell in the backfield, setting Tech up with a potential game winning try.

And Quincy just took the snap... pulled the hand off, and powered the ball over the goal line for the winning 2 point conversion....

All is now all bad juju is erased....

Next week is a Bye...