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Virginia Tech Hokies News Roundup: Miami Week

It’s Miami Week, and the team will soon be headed out of town to take the charter to Miami. The “Stumble Bowl” will kick off at 3:30 PM. It’d an ESPN show so Comcast viewers will see it. The ACC Network is still not on the Comcast lineup.

We were good against Miami in 2016
John Schneider - SB Nation

The week is proceeding along the usual path. Though there aren’t any mentions of “Player of the Week” or “Position Player of the Week” this time. The Friday evening outing was rewarded pretty much in proportion to the loss.

There is some news here, and there; however.

Hokie Football

Hokie Sports has pushed out the game information and scheduling.

So, Hokie Sports is putting the best face possible on the situation.

There is a great deal to understand, we’ll grant them that. Some of what is being said and heard is not squaring with what really is, but Saturday at 3:30 we’ll see if something akin to a flame has been ignited under something, somewhere.

Miami, as is usual of late, is a program loaded with talent and pretty much operating in the world of mediocre noted only by the sports media projecting its wishes and dreams on a program in as muddled a condition as we are.

Note: Chief Problem Here... their problematic personnel situation and “iffy” program management is possessed of better talent on the field than the Hokies have.

The Stumble Bowl will be about which team out mediocres the other.

Somehow we get the feeling that this situation wasn’t what the ACC was looking for when they opened the Big East Cupboard and grabbed both teams in their big expansion.

Hokies in the NFL

Joey Slye got his chance this pre-season, and he made the most of it. Joey always had the leg, but he had some serious aim problems. Looks like Joey got a scope... he’s hammering them from long range for the Carolina Panthers.

Injury News, and Other Things

The Roanoke Times posted up a story about Tyrell Smith going out for the season with a patellar tendon tear. Smith was a backup, but given the configuration of the Offensive Line this season, there are few true backups. Smith’s loss will be felt. Losing him for a game is bad enough, but this sort of injury is usually season ending.

We detect a meme in regard to Fuente’s dismissive denial that play calling (and game planning) aren’t the problem with the Offense:

All Jokers aside the Video game panel just seems to fit. Sigh.

Up next, Previews, Predictions, and moving on.