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SB Nation FanPulse Polls are Out and Changes are Sparse

It’s time for the SB Nation FanPulse Poll. The graphics are a bit sparse for today so this one isn’t too fancy. There aren’t a ton of real changes in the mix. Things are settling in for the first half.

Damon Hazelton is back and it showed Saturday
John Schneider - SB Nation

The Week 8 National Poll

First up is the general Poll for the entire SB Nation voting block. There is some shuffling around, but basically the Top Ranks pretty much stay where they are. There won’t be a ton of movement until we start getting to the big name games in the next few weeks.

Virginia Tech Fans saw the 20’s a bit differently.

Gobbler Country Fans FanPulse Poll for Week 8

Ranking Team/Record
Ranking Team/Record
1 Clemson (7-0)
2 LSU (7-0)
3 Alabama (7-0)
4 Ohio State (7-0)
5 Penn State (7-0)
6 Oklahoma (7-0)
7 Auburn (6-1)
8 Georgia (6-1)
9 Florida (7-1)
10 Notre Dame (5-1)
11 Minnesota (7-0)
12 Oregon (6-1)
13 SMU (7-0)
14 Texas (5-2)
15 Wisconsin (6-1)
16 Utah (6-1)
17 Baylor (7-0)
18 Cincinnati (6-1)
19 App State (6-0)
20 Wake Forest (6-1)
21 San Diego State (6-1)
22 Arizona State (5-2)
23 Boise State (6-1)
24 Virginia Tech (5-2)
25 Virginia (5-2)
Looks like Tech fans are making a statement SB Nation

Next Week’s Game of Interest Question

  • Auburn at LSU - 38.9%
  • Wisconsin at Ohio State - 34%
  • Notre Dame at Michigan - 13.7%
  • North Dakota State at South Dakota State - 5.5%
  • Washington State at Oregon - 4.5%
  • Penn State at Michigan State - 3.5%

Fan Confidence

What a difference an upset hard fought win gets us in the confidence poll. Let’s not allow what happens at the Notre Dame Game to dampen the spirits. Who knows, Tech might surprise everyone. This team seams to be capable of almost anything.

We hit a solid 2/3rds this time around. - 66.7%

That’s a good deal better than the 53.7% we touched on last week.

Virginia Tech is on a much needed Bye week. We have some minor injuries to heal up, and some situations to evaluate. We won’t see the starting lineup for the Notre Dame contest for a while.

Meanwhile, Virginia Tech’s 43-41 5OT2P victory over North Carolina will be recorded as the longest game in ACC History, AND the 1st FBS game to be conducted under the new NCAA Overtime Rules to make use of the new 5th OT period format.

It’s a game watching weekend next time.