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The SB Nation FanPulse is Out, and the Top 10 Sees a Change

It’s a new Top 10, sort of... The order has shifted around, but we all know the 1-4 are what count the most in any order. Let’s take a look at the FanPulse data.

Deshawn McClease lead blocking for Tre Turner
John Schneider - SB Nation

First is the National Poll and there is a new Number 1. As they say Geaux Tigers! or something like that. LSU and Virginia Tech share the Washington Area Architectural Consortium so maybe we can be a little bit intrigued by this development. Coach O seems to have things going really well down in Louisiana.

Week 9 National SB Nation FanPulse Poll
SB Nation

The Gobbler Country Numbers look really interesting.

Gobbler Country FanPulse Poll Results Week 9

Ranking Team/Record
Ranking Team/Record
1 LSU (8-0)
2 Clemson (8-0)
3 Alabama (8-0)
4 Ohio State (8-0)
5 Penn State (8-0)
6 Florida (7-1)
7 Georgia (6-1)
8 Utah (7-1)
9 Baylor (7-0)
10 Oklahoma (7-1)
11 Minnesota (8-0)
12 Oregon (7-1)
13 Auburn (6-2)
14 SMU (8-0)
15 App State (7-0)
16 Notre Dame (5-2)
17 Cincinnati (6-1)
18 Michigan (6-2)
19 Wake Forest (6-1)
20 Wisconsin (6-2)
21 San Diego State (7-1)
22 Boise State (6-1)
23 Memphis (7-1)
24 Virginia Tech (5-2)
25 Louisiana Tech (7-1)
Looking interesting from the Tech Perspective SB Nation FanPulse Data

Looking at the Biggest Surprise

Update: The numbers for the most surprising game were interesting, but I really thought that Michigan destroying Notre Dame was not only surprising but the most interesting development. Suddenly the Irish look beatable.

  • Kansas State upsetting Oklahoma - 57.8%
  • Michigan demolishing Notre Dame - 28.5%
  • Texas Tech/Kansas ending - 6.1%
  • Rutgers winning a game - 3.8%
  • TCU upsetting Texas - 2.6%
  • UConn winning a game - 1.4%

On Fan Confidence for Hokie Nation

It seems that Hokie Nation (at least a majority of Gobbler Country fans think that Tech merits a spot at #24 in the rankings. That’s interesting given the last few weeks, and one would hope that the interest in the rankings would also help get some good spirits and humor going amongst a fan base that has been under the spiritual weather of late.

Overall, it seems that Hokie Nation is definitely feeling a bit better. It’s always difficult to see a positive direction when your team is starting with as close to ground zero as the Hokies were at the beginning of the season. This team is just finding itself. We keep saying, this is the next game of the 2020 season. 2019 is gone, and let’s let those 2019 confidence numbers be a blip in the graph to be long left, neglected, in the memory hole.

Feeling much better this week. Still have a long way to come back.
SB Nation FanPulse

For now, that’s the entire FanPulse from the Mothership. Let’s keep up the voting. Please remember that the College Basketball ballots will be coming out soon. The preseason questions will be out soon. There are lots of folks who have dropped Virginia Tech off the Top 25, because Buzz took a powder... but Coach Young has some super recruiting going on and some fine young players who will be taking to the Cassell this season. How fast will we show up?

Nathan Reynolds will be knocking down the first set of preseason basketball articles very soon. In the mean time it’s still football season, and we still have five more games to play.

Notre Dame is next up.